paws, pawing, pawed
1) N-COUNT: oft with poss The paws of an animal such as a cat, dog, or bear are its feet, which have claws for gripping things and soft pads for walking on.

The kitten was black with white front paws and a white splotch on her chest...

He removes a thorn from a lion's paw.

2) N-COUNT: oft poss N, adj N You can describe someone's hand as their paw, especially if it is very large or if they are very clumsy. [mainly HUMOROUS, INFORMAL]

He shook Keaton's hand with his big paw.

3) VERB If an animal paws something, it draws its foot over it or down it.

[V n] Madigan's horse pawed the ground...

[V at n] The dogs continued to paw and claw frantically at the chain mesh.

4) VERB (disapproval) If one person paws another, they touch or stroke them in a way that the other person finds offensive.

[V n] Stop pawing me, Giles!...

[V at n] He pawed at my jacket with his free hand.

English dictionary. 2008.

(of beasts with claws) / (in contempt)

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